Dozens of Job Openings at Enterprise City

We need YOU to fill them!
Student Jobs At Enterprise City
I'm sure when you found out that you were taking a trip to Enterprise City, the first thing you thought was something like:
"I wonder what my job will be?"
Or maybe even,
"Will I like my job?"
We guarantee that no matter what job you end up with, that you'll have a great time working with your co-workers and fellow businesses to run a great city!
You'll learn exactly what it means to be employed and work with a group to achieve a common goal. This experience will stay with you for the rest of your life!
How Many Jobs Can I Apply For?
You will be allowed to apply for up to 5 different positions. Keep in mind, some of the positions are extremely competitive and only those applicants who have demonstrated a genuine interest and ability to perform during their interview will be considered.
Not to worry, though. Even if you don't get your first choice job, the Enterprise City hiring managers will try their best to place you in one of your top 5 choices. Occasionally students will be hired for a different, but equally important position. 
To be considered for a job, you will need to do the following things:
  1. Create a personal resume
  2. Complete a job application
  3. Gather letters of recommendation
  4. Have a job interview

Nature Shop


Responsible for writing all shop checks on a specially designed computer program, posting shop income and making direct loan payments at the credit union. Must work closely with the shop owner, be proficient in math, organized, detail oriented, and self-motivated. 

Credit Union


Responsible for customer service. Will count cash, make customer ID cards, manage customer checking accounts and enter customer account information into the computer. Must be patient, pleasant, and have good communication skills. Must be a problem-solver and work accurately in a fast-paced environment. A working knowledge of computers is a bonus!

Sign Shop

Graphic Designer

Use imagination, creativity and artistic abilities to make interesting greeting cards and business cards using our technology. Production of high quality merchandise is essential. Must have an eye for detail, be accurate, neat, and careful with equipment.