Real Life Lessons

Lessons outside the classroom

Teachers give students the dots, but we help connect them. When students participate in Enterprise City, they'll put all their classroom material to work by applying classroom lessons in real-life situations. 

Teachers and students love our program because it is so relevant, fun, and exciting. So exciting, they'll forget they are learning important lessons!

Education Excitement 

Get Pumped Up For School

Enterprise City gets all students excited about learning. The weeks leading up to the simulation experience are full of energy because students know they are preparing for an awesome experience! 

Once students are running their city, they are so busy working together running their businesses and being consumers and citizens, that they forget they're doing school work!

What Your Child Needs

Enhancing Their Learning Experience

Your child needs to learn the basics in school, but he/she also needs to learn the basics in life.  We provide the tools for kids to apply classroom lessons in real life.  At our city, your child will act as a grown-up for the day, going to work, paying off a loan, working with a team, etc. 

Our program builds on classroom material to help your child formulate goals around their interests for the future.