The Enterprise City Homeschool Program

The Enterprise City Homeschool Program is a hands-on applied math, social studies and language arts program for students between the ages of 9 and 15. It combines a 35-hour homeschool curriculum with a culminating event that takes place at a state-of-the-art city.

The Enterprise City Homeschool program was seamlessly adapted from the original middle school program and is available for students participating from their homes or in small groups and homeschool co-ops throughout New England.

Experienced educators and homeschool parents have worked closely together to revise the original curriculum, so that homeschool students may enjoy what is sure to be a powerful learning experience. By tailoring the learning objectives specifically to home-schooled children, we’ve created a flexible experience that broadens the participation age range and incorporates parent-led instruction from home. Public office elections take place on-line and students get 2 full days to establish their business and run the city.

The Enterprise City Homeschool student registration fee of $70.00 includes: Enterprise City Instructional Materials (HomeSchool Version), Curriculum Support (as needed), On-line Election Experience, Adapted Job Application Process, Parent Volunteer Training and a 2 Day Field Trip to Enterprise City.

Enterprise City is offered to homeschool students Enterprise City is offered to homeschool students in the fall of the current school year. Please go to resources>homeschoolers>for more information. A minimum of 40 participants is required, so spread the word!

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