[fa icon="plus-square"] What curriculum areas are covered?

This hands-on learning experience reinforces key school curriculum areas and covers Common Core requirements in Math, Language Arts, Civics, Social Studies, Economics, Financial Literacy, and Technology Skills.

[fa icon="plus-square"] How long is the in-school preparation?
The classroom prep takes between 4-6 weeks depending on what path the teacher chooses. The minimum needed to visit the city is 20 "essential" in-class lessons. The 5 and 6 week programs have up to 10 additional 'Enhancement' lessons. 
[fa icon="plus-square"] Is the curriculum hard to use?

The curriculum is very easy to follow and teach to a class. All aspects of the curriculum are covered by 6 themes that are  detailed and organized step-by-step for ease-of-use. 

The themes are:

  1. City Scene – Introduction to Enterprise City
  2. City Jobs – Careers and career exploration
  3. City Trade – Business Operations
  4. City Spending – Personal Finance
  5. City Life – Citizenship, laws rules and community
  6. City Success – Wrap-up for Enterprise City

[fa icon="plus-square"] How long is the event?
Students will be engaged for 4.5 hours. 
[fa icon="plus-square"] How do students get jobs?

Students apply for jobs in an area of interest determined by a SIPS (Skills & Interest Profile) program. Students choose 5 jobs of interest according to results.

Student Job Interviews are done by teaching staff, school administrators, parents or business volunteers from the community. The more realistic these interviews are, the more engaged students will be. It’s a great learning opportunity for the students and a very popular part of the curriculum.

Teachers then place each student in jobs accordingly. They are placed in one job position best suited for them. This is based on their job interview, their job application, resume and letters of reference.

[fa icon="plus-square"] What will students do in the city?
Students put to task the applied lessons that were taught in school. They run the city for the day.
As employees and employers, students work in businesses as co-workers to acheive personal and business goals. They will get their job responsibilities done and work to pay off their business loan. 
As citizens, students will elect city officials, buy health insurance, participate in the justice system, and abide by student-made laws for the day. They work together (as businesses) to see the roles a business can play in a community and see how they tie in to the economy. 
As consumers, students leave their place of employment during breaks to buy goods and services that other businesses in the city are offering. They also will deposit their paycheck at the bank and learn to use cash, checks and debit cards. 
[fa icon="plus-square"] What happens after the event?
 After their day at Enterprise City, students have an in-classroom review which includes follow-up curriculum.
[fa icon="plus-square"] How many students can participate?
Between 40 and 100 students per day can participate in running the city!
[fa icon="plus-square"] What does program cost cover?


Fees cover:

  • Teacher Professional Development and training
  • Curriculum preparation materials 
  • Student instructional materials
  • Parent/adult volunteer training
  • Full day running the city
[fa icon="plus-square"] Can we visit the city before our event?
Yes, you can set up a tour to see the city in action. You can also view videos of the city in action on the website.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Do we need chaperones?
Yes, although we don’t call them chaperones. Each business will need a Parent Volunteer who will assist in the business for the day the city runs assisting the students working in it. Parents are ideally suited to this role of mentors, as they are Consumers and Citizens, themselves.
[fa icon="plus-square"] What do teachers do at the event?
As a teacher, your role is mostly as an observer. You get to watch your students in action as they run their businesses, become consumers after they get their paychecks, and take on their responsibilities as citizens in their community. They are going to impress you so much.
[fa icon="plus-square"] What about lunch?!
Lunch breaks are scheduled during the event at different times through mid-day. Students bring bag lunches on the day they are running the city.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Who sets up the city?
Enterprise City staff set up and prepare the city. You don’t need to do anything except have your student forms ready for the beginning of the day.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Who facilitates the event?
Enterprise City staff oversee the schedule and tempo of the day in the city, working with the parent volunteers located in each business.
[fa icon="plus-square"] What businesses are in Enterprise City?
  • Broadcast Center
  • City Hall
  • Bank
  • Delivery Center
  • Manufacturing Center
  • Multi-Service Center
  • Nature Shop
  • Newspaper
  • Sign Shop
  • Snack Shop
  • Sport Shop
  • Technology Center
  • Wellness Center

See some job postings here!


Want to see the curriculum?

Although our curriculum is top-secret, we'll let you take a peek.