Enterprise City was created by teachers and educators. The teacher-driven curriculum covers many grade level teaching requirements and it's easy and fun to teach and learn - just ask a teacher.

Enterprising Students Take on Adult Roles for the Day

Read about Seabrook Elementary School students' experience at Enterprise City!

 Hands-on learning for Newmarket Elementary Students

Read about Newmarket Elementary School students and their experience with the Enterprise City Curriculum and Field trip!

Our Mission

Enterprise City was created by educators to help schools deliver on society’s expectations of ensuring that students are fully prepared to take their place in the community and the workplace.

The goal is to provide schools with a dynamic, effective and engaging curriculum, with real-world connections to lessons taught in the classroom.



After completing the in-classroom curriculum, students have had a job interview, been hired into a company and  worked as a team to complete their business and marketing plans. They are now ready to take on their roles as business owners, employees, government officials, consumers and citizens, running their own city.



Enterprise City gives students a chance to use their years of classroom study in a real-world setting. In Enterprise City students are hard-working and focused, while learning about what it takes to get a job, work in a business, manage their money, and be a good citizen.